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"The Tree House will be a place where children of all abilities will feel included, valued, heard, and able to play safely."
We love what we do!
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Something amazing is growing in Lititz! Community designed, community funded, community built. Lititz Church of the Brethren has partnered with Play by Design, LLC to build a beautiful, custom-made playground for every single child in Lititz and the surrounding communities. The Tree House will be a place where children of all abilities will feel included, valued, heard, and able to play safely. A short walk from Lititz Springs Park and across the street from Warwick High School, the Tree House will be open to all from dawn until dusk every day of the year. This is your playground. This is our playground. Let’s join together to make the dream a reality! For more information visit: treehou...

Congratulations to the Waimea Community! With over 600 volunteers, you were able to accomplish not only a re-build of the playground structure, but a re-kindling of community spirit. We are so grateful to have been a part of your journey. We love what we do! Enjoy... ... See MoreSee Less

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You certainly made a difference in King...Thank you. Happy Holidays from all of us at Play By Design. It was an honor to watch your vision become a reality. enjoy!

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In the Fall of 2012 PBD partnered with the city of Kabul and USAID to design and help build 11 playgrounds in Kabul...We love what we do! ... See MoreSee Less

Bringing it home in Wiamea, HI. Fantastic work everybody!❤️ ... See MoreSee Less

We're so close to the finish line we can taste it! Today is your last chance to help with this community project that will benefit our families and keiki for generations to come. We have childcare until 1pm today! We invite you to be a part of this amazing group of volunteers who have come together for a single purpose - with so much appreciation for each other. We need you - especially this morning (we start at 8am). Let's kick it out of the park and then celebrate at the 5pm ribbon cutting as we watch the keiki flood the playground! Photo credit: Colin Edsman

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Build Day 6: With the weekend in full swing all hands are on deck! As we see 12 inches of mulch being added and moved by hand. So much love out here. The helping hand of so many. The keiki will truly enjoy this. Tomorrow afternoon is the deadline friends. Come on down! we'll have something you could help with. Anuenue Playground

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What a day Waimea! You heard our cries for help and we are seeing the awesome results! Looking forward to seeing you all again tomorrow, and hopefully more of your friends! If you have tools, bring your Speed Square, Measuring Tape, Impact Driver and Drill. If you don’t have tools, don’t worry we have a job for everyone! *And don’t forget your covered shoes!!

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Today was about team work! So grateful for all the people who came out today; those that have come out more than once & those that have been there everyday rain or shine! We still need a lot of support to finish this on time. But it has been heartwarming to see people from all different parts of our community working together for the Keiki!

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Today was amazing - to see how much heart people put into this project - while their clothes were wet & still they worked on... It is fun out there & this is a community build & we need more community to come out! Hope to see you tomorrow!

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A *stunning* example of a vision turned reality. Congratulations to the Winters, CA community on a job well done! We are truly grateful to have been a part of your journey - Enjoy! ... See MoreSee Less

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We are excited about all of the progress made today! Things are moving along quickly thanks to another group of 250 volunteers. We have been having some great feedback about how well organized and fun it is to volunteer. Come join the fun and be a part of history!!

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Maggie's adventures day 1117. Maggie had a big day at school. She called me complaining of her back hurting again, which concerns me, but she toughed it out and stayed at school. She was excited that they were making pumpkins in art class. Maggie's wonderful playground was designed by the amazing talent Play by Design, LLC. Every year, they do a project for a charity. This year was Maggie's, but they are looking for a 2018 worthy project. Help me spread the word to help them find the perfect group that is building a playground for a great cause. As you know Maggie's playground is incredible and they made her dream a reality!! Thank you for all of the prayers.

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Sawyer, we can't wait to see you play on this all-inclusive playground! Join us in helping build Sawyer this playground, now-Sunday 8am-8pm. everyonesplayground.org

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Day 2 completed. Today marks day 3 - let's do this! Play by Design, LLC Photo Credit: Michelle LaPrade

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Some of the beauty of this playground is the artwork being done by locals, including some artist with special needs. Check out some of the work underway from yesterday's 5pm news. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! Volunteers are needed everyday now through Sunday 8am-9pm everyonesplayground.org

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And to you- the parents, grandparents, children, students, family members, business owners, builders, neighbors, volunteers, food donors, material, donors, time donors, event attendees, past build committee members, teachers, and friends!

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Congratulations to the Bozeman community on their new playground! It was an honor to work with you to complete Emily's New Fort! Enjoy! ... See MoreSee Less

Love this powerful little being...thank you Maggie for letting us play a small part in creating your playground! ... See MoreSee Less

Maggie update day 753. Maggie and I had a big day. We had to get up early to head over to Childrens and get and ECHO test for her heart. The test showed Maggie's heart is functioning normally. Then we got her hearing tested. It showed the same extremely high range hearing loss. It was good that it was the same as last time. Finally, we had an appointment with oncology. She looks and sounds good. She had labs and didn't even cry! She's very brace. The best part, we got to see miss Emily, Nicole and Mary!! We even saw Amelia and met a new friend, Maddie. It was a great day😄. Thank you for all of the thoughts and prayers!! www.youcaring.com/ronald-mcdonald-house-charities-of-the-t...

Play By Design team members, Lisa & Laura are out in Dillon, MT today interviewing kids and using their ideas for their future playground! Check out the Dillon, MT Park Project schematic tonight! ... See MoreSee Less