Our Space Playground at Rec Park: Binghamton, NY

This is the largest accessible playground in New York.  It features a giant custom treehouse with ramps that lead you all the way up and around the space in the trees.  The paved paths take you throughout the playground to multiple ramp landings that lead you to the top of the play houses.  There is a Liberty Swing, Sway fun, and accessible merry-go-round along with other inclusive play components that allow everyone to play.  The playhouses are custom designed to reflect the down town area of Binghamton along with the custom designed train, boat, airplane, and the miniature store front facades.  This giant playground also offers 5+ musical instruments, 3 stainless steel slides and a custom designed grow space.  The grow space provides 4 giant custom grow boxes and a shaded area.  An additional shaded seating area is in the center of the playground.  Our Space also features a colossal mast net, multi-generational swings, a hill side rock wall with attached slide, a spinner, and a giant obstacle course.  This playground features hours of nonstop fun!


Location: Binghamton, NY