Community Builds

Play by Design is a group of playground designers and building consultants who work with community volunteers to produce custom-designed play structures for toddlers, preschool, and school-aged children. All members of our team are Certified Playground Safety Inspectors (CPSI) with broad experience in the community-built field as former employees of a world-renowned playground architect. Examples of our work during that employment can be found throughout North America, as well as in Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Our mission is to create unique, safe, and affordable all-inclusive play structures that provide a recreational environment in which all children can grow physically, socially, and cognitively. Our creative structures are well known for their inclusion of imaginative play and sensory-stimulating activities.

Our process is one that unifies communities and empowers their members by bringing them together to design, organize, and construct one-of-a-kind playgrounds and park structures. What sets these structures apart from commercially available playground equipment is the aesthetically sensitive architecture that respects the essence of the surrounding area and reflects its historical, architectural, and cultural features. What makes them treasured assets in their communities is the sense of pride, ownership, and accomplishment built into them by the hands of volunteers.