Inclusive Structures

We at Play By Design believe that an inclusive playground should do more than meet technical standards. We believe in providing shoulder-to-shoulder play opportunities for children of all abilities. We comply with ADA playground guidelines. All safety surfacing is wheelchair-accessible, and many playgrounds include ramping so that children can play with elevated components. Components can also be included for children with visual, hearing, developmental, emotional and social impairments. We work closely with a special-needs coordinator on many of our community-built projects.

We strive to create designs that offer the greatest number of play experiences for the broadest possible range of abilities. There are many factors that will influence the final design–available space, budget, priorities within the community, population to be served, and more. But regardless of the scope of your project, we will work with you to develop a design that complements your site, provides access for children and caregivers, meets your budget, and provides play opportunities for all children.

The Play by Design team listens carefully to members of our community, such as children, parents, therapists, and teachers, in order to enrich the content of our custom designs. This process opens the door to endless possibilities. On numerous occasions, we have worked with local resources to develop new components or activity panels that address the needs of a particular child or population.